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Hello and thank you for stopping by our website. There are so many opportunities to feel down, depressed and utterly lost in the transitions of life. It is the goal and effort of N.D.C.A. to equip you with certain life skills to conquer it all. Whether you are transitioning from a troubled childhood into the workforce, a messy divorce into a newly single life or stuck in a cubical dreaming of a corner office; I can put you on a fast track to whatever success means to you!

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When you think of the motivators of our times, Tony Robbins, Joel Osteen, Les Brown and others you have to mention Life Coach Early Jackson! He has emerged as a relevant voice for many to find the empowerment they so desperately need! You need to hear him to believe it.
-Eric J. Rivera

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50 Affirmations For Next Level Living.
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Groomed for Greatness.
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Listen to what Early Jacksons Peer's have to say about his methods, communication, and character.
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A Better Self from the Inside Out
A manifesto for modern day empowerment.

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"Early Jackson is not defined by his limitations, but by his impact on others. It's not everyday that I willingly speak about the character of others, but Early has shown through my experiences with him, that he is a man of character and integrity. His purpose is clearly shown by way of the work he does to help us all live a better life. I've had the great honor to know him, to share with him, and even impart my wisdom to help him in the same. Neither the business nor its clients can show face to the value of Early in the lives of you and me! I speak of course not only from what I know, but what Early has shown through his great work."

Hezekiah Griggs III
Premiere Media Mogul,
CEO and Motivational Speaker


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"No nonsense, no excuses, NO CEILINGS! Early Jackson has a down-to-earth style that is truly engaging, yet does not allow you to sit down and continue to do nothing. Do you really want to change your situation? Are you willing to reach for the success you say that you want? Early can help you to set goals and give you the focus you need to achieve them."

Vivian R. Scott, BSW, M.Ed.
President/CEO, Eternal Vision Enterprises