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Life Coaching with Early & Cherese Jackson: Packages and Prices

Coaching is an investment you make in yourself to create the life you've been dreaming of. The length and frequency of sessions in each package is meant to provide you with both a degree of flexibility and the assurance of soon coming success! However, clients are encouraged, but not required, to agree to three months of coaching so they may experience the full benefit.

In addition, each of the following packages include a Welcome Packet with materials designed to get you off to a strong start AND supportive tools that helps to maintain focus and remain motivated!

ACCELERATION PACKAGES: accelerate your momentum for dramatic impact on your goals!

The Launcher's Coaching System - An Advanced system of coaching designed for those with dynamic goals

and hard deadlines

$1,325 per three months include: (Package 1)

• Six one hour coaching - private sessions with your own coach deisgned around your goals

• Unlimited Laser - Focus check ins between scheduled calls

• Unlimited email support - convenient brief and when you need it

• Access to exclusive "VIP Client" Empowerment blog log in

Access to exclusive "VIP Client" Empowerment training calls (live & recorded)

• Access to pertinent tools, assessments, resources and web-casts/skype


Turning Your Team Into Gladiators Coaching Package - $650.00: (Package 2)

Imagine how far your organization can propel when the people connected are so in tune with the mission they are one with it. This coaching package will give key principles to any team so there's a flow released to empower them to embrace their ‘inner’ Gladiator and accomplish total victory.

**Please note this is a (3) hour workshop / interactive session**

Price includes:

• All workshop materials

• Access to interactive coaching presentation

• Session follow up agenda

• Minimum access for attendees to coaching material


Empowerment Coaching Package - $350.00: (Package 3)

Price includes:

•  Two one hour one-on-one coaching - private sessions with your own coach.

•  Unlimited five minute laser coaching: phone support between regularly scheduled sessions, share wins or get feedback immediately, instead of having to wait for our next coaching session.

•  Unlimited email support - convenient, brief and when you need it.


The ‘No B.S.’ Life Strategy Coaching Package - $275.00: (Package 4)

When you, your business or family just feel stuck in a rut, you need someone to tell you the truth without all the B.S. This is the package for you. Whether looking to expand your organization, get your life back on track or venture into a new direction, The ‘No B.S.’ package will be a source to propel you into success.

Price includes:

• Two full hours of interactive coaching tailored to your needs

• Access to coaching material

• Comprehensive follow up strategy


Acceleration clients who elect to prepay for three months of coaching will receive a 15% discount


Special à la carte packages may be available per request - call for details!



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• Groomed For Greatness  pt. 1 & 2

• No Ceilings, No Limitations

• Take It Now

• When People Attack

• Next Steps to Greatness

• Goals You Can Control

• Next Level Living


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