Early Jackson Testimonials :

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I would use two words to describe the seminar “Brand You” by Early Jackson, dynamically empowering! Mr. Jackson did an excellent job of motivating my executives and sculpting for us modern edge visualizations for branding yourself. Most importantly, I enjoyed his humorous and uplifting personality as he wove the philosophy of branding and customizing it to fit within my company's core values. I would highly recommend him to every company owner and entrepreneur searching for more clarity and synergy.

Malcolm Mills
CEO / Dap Stallion Productions & Entertainment


Early Jackson's keen business and human sense allows his "Brand You" seminar to be an honest self evaluative tool while inspiring you to be and do your best. He literally coaches you all the way through the process.

Jacqueline Taylor-Adams
Marketing Strategist / Taylor-Adams Marketing & Management


Early Jackson, You were a hit at the University of Phoenix 2009 Alumni professional development class! Thank YOU for the enthusiasm and knowledge that you brought to the event!

Dr. Erin Rogers, Director of Academic Affairs
University of Phoenix


Your presentation on Saturday at the alumni event was excellent in both form and content. Best wishes on developing your life coaching initiative...you are a natural.

Bill Baker, Campus Department
University of Phoenix


Early Jackson changed my life!! I was stuck in the ‘Rat Race' until Early's empowerment sessions. Mr. Jackson enlightens in a way you can grasp the concept and implement immediately. Thanks a bunch.

E. Green
Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for stepping up to the plate and presenting the Homecoming Presentation for the University of Phoenix. You did a wonderful job. You are always so professional, friendly and ready to help. You are truly an asset to the company and the Philadelphia Campus.

Yulonda Motley
Facilities Supervisor / Philadelphia Campus
University of Phoenix

Empowered, determined and focused are only a few words to describe the impact that Early Jackson instills. His coaching methods not only encourage you to remain strong and positive through all trials and tribulations, but he teaches you how to overcome and reach greatness!

J. Edwards
Mays Landing, NJ

The Empowerment session the other day was incredible! The principles that were taught about the "Great' and "Ungreat" were really necessary for me. Not only were the steps that were giving helpful for me and my everyday life, bu t I'm now able to pass them along to my teenage sons so they too can be "Great" men.

Philadelphia, PA

Your session was a hit again but this time a lot of my acquaintances were in attendance and all I can say is this... "You changed the outlook, the mindset and the maturity level of some so much it brought them to tears." Thank you for showing the way! You are phenomena,l good luck.

J. Showell
Philadelphia, PA

The weekly conference calls and empowerment sessions that I attended were very inspiring and spoke not only to my current situation but my sister found herself owning some of the negative characteristics that are not beneficial to her. It was like the light bulb came on with motivation and inspiration for the both of us! Thank you!

I. Smith
Philadelphia, PA

Early Jackson is an excellent Coach. The encouraging emails, conference calls and empowerment sessions are always on point and right on time. He speaks to the various situations that come up in my life and his humor adds a very special personal touch. I am thankful for him being available.

B. Moore
Willoughby Hills, OH


Cherese Jackson Testimonials cont.

You can not attend a presentation by Cherese Jackson without being moved to action. She delivers a powerful message that is sprinkled with facts & figures, battled tested examples and personal anecdotes. I admire her work and recommend her as an inspirational speaker for your next corporate event

W. Munroe
Atlanta, GA


Cherese presented a "time and energy" workshop to my clients. Her workshop had a big impact on my clients with many embracing goal setting and time management principles that up until then they had been reluctant to do. It has been six months since the workshop and I have seen significant changes in the lives of my clients since they have started applying the principles taught by Cherese. Everyone should hear Cherese's message

B. Aracely
Atlanta, GA


I thought having Cherese as a coach and a friend would be hard. It took me months to actually setup an appointment but to my surprise it has been the exact opposite! EASY! I feel blessed because I have the best of both worlds. Someone I can laugh and cry with, someone that has brought the worst out of me so I could be my best, and most importantly someone that I can trust! I am definitely a better person because of her. Cherese is a true friend and great at what she does! It is very rare that you find AUTHENTIC people that you can be friends and do business with and I especially honored to have that in her. If you want a better life from the inside out, she can definitely help you get there! I am not saying it will be easy but it will certainly be worth it!

H. Beeman, CDFA
Va Beach, VA


Cherese is clearly a great financial manager, and also a communications expert when it comes to all the facets of New Direction Coaching Associates. She was able to take, and organize the completion of events between Organik Design Studios and NDCA business dealings. We are thankful to have worked with her.

M. Hensen, Organik Design
Va Beach, VA


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    Cherese Jackson Testimonials :

  • Cherese is one of the most level headed, honest and experienced coaches I have worked with. She hits you right in the heart with frank advice that if followed, will affect your situation.

    F. Swanson
    Camden, NJ

    I loved your direct to the point approach and your ability to connect with your audience on all levels. Your presentation during our staff meeting was uplifting, colorful and well received.

    T. Murphy
    Springfield, PA

    Cherese you have been such a good role model to all. It is the wise words of our one on one consultations that I will remember most when I
    need encouragement and direction. Please continue to encourage people with that amazing spirit of yours.

    A. Grabfelder
    Philadelphia, PA

    I had the pleasure of working with Cherese for several years. Cherese always had a very positive and sociable attitude and left me with the sense the her work was performed with an extremely dedicated sense of accomplishment. She had unprecedented knowledge and was admired by all.”

    Maureen Conneen
    Philadelphia, PA

    It was a pleasure to work with Cherese Jackson. Cherese's vocabulary is full of infectious inspiration and motivation. This coupled with her
    passion and keen skill set for coaching others, makes her a great asset to the coaching profession

    Genae Young, MSOD
    Philadelphia, PA

    Cherese is a daily inspiration and a breeze of fresh air to any person or business owner. I can personally recommend Cherese as a highly
    effective inspirational speaker, life coach and friend. I personally use her guidance a daily basis and have even incorporated her daily inspirational messages into my own business website.

    As a business owner, I am faced with both individual challenges as well as business opportunities and challenges. Cherese is an integral part of my support network. She is a straight shooter, to the point and down to earth
    person and she has most definitely changed my perceptions and ideas in remarkable ways.

    Cherese comes with a wealth of experience which she has built up over the years and her guidance is not only effective but very relevant to real life challenges. I am blessed to have her as a confidante, a life coach and as a friend and personally recommend her to any person who may have challenges in any area of their lives.

    T. Hotz
    Anaheim, CA

    Cherese is a fabulous life coach. I learned a lot about myself and how to be effective and efficient in my business. The skills I learned are
    easy to implement and relevant to where I am in the business right now. The program kept me focused and moving forward. I would recommend
    utilizing her expertise if you're interested in taking your business to the next level!

    E. Tiegs
    Dallas, TX

    Cherese walks the talk, and practices what she preaches. She literally overwhelms you with her passion for life and her enthusiasm for the work that she does. She has conviction in what she talks about and is as successful as she is, due to having walked these paths herself.

    Cherese is a wealth of information and is generous with it. She is fun and exciting to be around, and you can't help but get caught up in her zest for life. Cherese has a way of opening your mind up to the possibilities.

    V. Stollings
    Addison , IL